Information for Sellers

A regular pitch at 3 m costs CHF 25.- when paid in advance, cash at the flea market it costs CHF 30.-.

At Gerbiplatz you are allowed to set-up your own tents (3m x 3m), these pitches cost CHF 40 in advance or CHF 50 cash at the place.

Please be aware:

You always have to reserve a pitch/place. Table sets and booths are optional and must be ordered additionally. You can not order a table set or a booth without a pitch/place.




You can access your place by car for unloading starting from 07:00 AM until 09:00 AM and for loading from 04:00 PM until 05:00 PM. Please leave enough space for other cars to pass by when loading or unloading! Please check the car-park routing website for information about where to park your car during the day:

Access map (black arrows show the main directions):

Information for Residents/Shops in the Old Town

Yes. Please follow these rules:

  • We kindly ask you to reserve your place at least 1 week in advance online  ( Please use your name and address at the flea market location for your reservation, we must be able to identify your place.

  • Before the market day, you'll receive an email with your attendance badge attached. Please print this badge and stick it to the place you have marked in front of your house/shop.

  • The place in front of your house/shop must be marked including your badge at 6 pm on friday before the market day the latest.

  • You are not allowed to reserve such places on behalf of other persons or organisations.

  • Marked places, which were not reserved online in due time or which we are not able to assign to the corresponding house/shop, may be unmarked and released by our team.


Information for Visitors