A regular pitch at 3 m costs CHF 25.- when paid in advance, cash at the flea market it costs CHF 30.-.

At Gerbiplatz you are allowed to set-up your own tents (3m x 3m), these pitches cost CHF 40 in advance or CHF 50 cash at the place.

Please be aware:

You always have to reserve a pitch/place. Table sets and booths are optional and must be ordered additionally. You can not order a table set or a booth without a pitch/place.

You can access your place by car for unloading starting from 07:00 AM until 09:00 AM and for loading from 04:00 PM until 05:00 PM. Please leave enough space for other cars to pass by when loading or unloading! Please check the car-park routing website for information about where to park your car during the day:

 Access map (black arrows show the main directions):

Yes. Please reserve your place by masking or occupying until 7:00 AM the latest.